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Geomax Zoom70

Geomax Zoom 70 Robotic Total Station

  • Accuracy 1″ seconds
  • External X-Pad Ultimate Survey, GeoMax On board
  • Long mode: >10,000 m, Standard mode: 3500 m
  • Compensation Quadruple axis
  • FieldGenius, SurvCE On Board SW, X-Pad Ultimate
  • accXess10 technology 1000 m
  • GeoMax On board, X-Pad Ultimate Survey
  • Microsoft® Windows® CE 6.0
  • Automatic, Manual, Motorized
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Geomax Zoom70 Robotic Total Station

true one-man total station, you can significantly increase your efficiency. The support of the X-PAD-based GNSS prism search seamlessly merged with the proven powerful accXXess EDM with its Track and AiM technology, the Zoom70 provides high flexibility and performance needed for your daily job.

  • X-Motion hybrid drives
    • The new Zoom70 incorporates  X-motion hybrid drives,  promoting automation performance compared to conventional drives. It will follow your target at 90 km/h at 100 m distance.
  • Full connectivity
    • The GeoMax Zoom70 meets all your connectivity needs. Use its built-in Bluetooth® for medium-range data transfer or its dedicated long-range Bluetooth® handle for the highest performance over long distances. Either way, it is ideal for one-man robotic surveys. Combine your preferred software and field controller to perform remote control tasks with increased productivity. The Windows® CE operating system installed on Zoom70 allows you to run a variety of powerful field software packages onboard. This provides you the freedom to choose the software that best suits your needs.
  • One-man total station
  • GeoTRAil
    • Equipped with the long-range Bluetooth® handle, the Zoom70 transforms into a true one-man total station. It supports the advanced prism search, based on the GNSS position of the controller, mounted on the pole. Due to its seamless integration into X-PAD ULTIMATE field software, GeoTRAil combines simplicity and high performance. As there is no need for special, expensive and power-consuming active prisms, this total station is ideal on any worksite. Zoom70 keeps your pole lightweight and convenient to carry all survey-day long!
  • TRack
    • Another element of the STReAM360 is the tracking functionality; the Zoom70 is continuously tracking your target. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast-moving targets.
  • AiM
    • The Zoom70 aims accurately at any prism, without the need to look through the telescope. Highly reliable measurements are performed automatically and are consistently repeatable.