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Key features
1) Dual-aixs compensator
2) 500m reflector-less measuring range
3) Big data storage and Bluetooth connection
4) Long last battery.



1.Multi-dot matrix LCD display,both face Alpha-numerical Keyboard

Hi Target ZTS 120r series total station designed with multi-dot matrix LCD display,
which can show almost all of the measurement information at one time. The big screen withlighting function can show the menu structureand practical measurement procedures more concisely and clearly. Both Face Alpha-numerical keyboards can realize your various measurement tasks fast and conveniently.

2.Integrated of optical, mechanical and electrical precision ranging system

Hi Target ZTS-120/120R series total station integrated the high precision ranging system, which combined with high stability mechanical structure, and high integrated circuit design, greatly improving the ranging accuracy and stability.

3.High efficient absolute encoder angle measurement system

Hi Target ZTS-120/120R Series Total Station adopts high efficiency absolute encoder technology, highly enhancing the angle accuracy and stability, improving the degree of automation
♦No need initialiation when start up
♦Automatically saves the horizontal angle after turning off, no need to re-orientate
at the same station when re-starting up, can retain the original information when re-start after power-off. More convenient for surveying and  instrument’s maintenance.

4.Reflectorless Distance Measurement technology

Distance measuring with slender laser beam
♦Hi-Target ZTS-120/120R series total station designed with the slender laser beam precise
ranging technology, which can pass through finedraw, gridding objects, fast and accurately aiming the target and getting the correct result without any impact.
♦Convenient to make sure the co-axiality of sight axis and ranging axis.
♦Small angle target precise ranging

5.Intelligent Calibration

Hi-Target total station has integrated the elements of production, installation, detection, maintenance etc. into R&D and design phase, Special maintenance calibration software, make it easy to realize the basic maintenance and calibration completely through software, and supporting the remote assistance

6.Multiple Built-in Software

♦Point Stakeout
♦Line Stakeout
♦Angle Distance Stakeout
♦Coordinate Measurement
♦Remote elevation measurement
♦Missing Line Measurement
♦Single- Distance Offset
♦Two- Distance Offset
♦Angle Offset
♦Distance Offset
♦Point Projection
♦Elevation Intersection
♦Azimuth Measurement