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Kolida CTS 632R10 Total Station

Kolida CTS-632R10 Latest Model Total Station

  • Reflector-less, Non-Prism 1000Mts Range
  • Micro-SD, Micro-USB, Laser Plummet
  • Lithium New Battery
  • Upgraded EDM & Main Board
  • Long-distance measurement
  • Advance surveying programs
  • Long-time operation
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Kolida CTS 632R10 Total Station

Advanced Hardware Top Performance

Kolida CTS 632R10 Total Station Cost-Effective choice for your surveying and engineering tasks, its long-range EDM, density ball-bearing axis system, high accuracy angle measurement module represent the highest level of manufacturing skill of China.

Practical Survey Program Various of surveying programs onboard allow surveyors to complete their tasks directly in the field: angle offset, angle repetition, dual-distance offset, coordinate measurement, REM, MLM, Staking out, area calculation, Road Design, etc.

Convenient Data Transmission Software Kolida CTS-632R10 supports Mini USB / Serial port cable connection. Special data transmission and editing software can quickly transfer data and save time. You can design roads and export to CTS-632R10 for LAYOUT swiftly. Multiple data formats are supported.

Temp. & Pressure Auto Setting Temperature and pressure changes make a negative impact on the accuracy of distance measurements. The Smart T-P Sensor automatically monitors the changes and adjusts the distance calculations. Kolida CTS 632R10 Total Station is the upgraded model of Kolida CTS-632R6 Total Station. For more information please visit the official website Kolida Instruments & Official Dealer website Koida Bangladesh.